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About us

Shine & Harmony Co., Ltd. has many successful experiences in representing American & European leading companies of machinery since it was founded in 1994. Our team has sound knowledge to provide our client with “modern manufacturing technology” and “total solution”. Our customers’ industry segments are in Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, Machine tool, Medical, Electronic as well as National Defense Industry.

The Chinese name of “Shine & Harmony” derives from TAO TE CHING Chapter Thirty-Two: “Heaven and earth will then be in harmony and shall descend sweet dew.” -- it means good cooperation among customer, supplier, and seller will create profit and bring to a three-win situation.

Shine & Harmony represents several famous European products, such as Roeders’ high speed milling machines, Starrag’s 5-axis horizontal machining centers and Sarix’s micro-EDM, all of them are the leading manufacturers in the market.

High-tech innovations, rock-solid engineering backup and excellent after-sales service are core competence of our enterprise -- Contact SHINE & HARMONY and Win!